About Us

Over the years, I have found that baking can become quite a complex task. The shopping lists are as long as your arm and before you know it, you’ve got a cupboard full of ingredients that you will probably never use again!

All of this got me thinking, does it have to be so complicated? That’s why I created the Baker’s Box. We take away all of the complexity involved in baking, including the endless trips to the supermarket.   

Food is about bringing people together, helping you feel good and letting you know you can actually cook! With the Baker’s Box, you can achieve all of this!

I will make baking simple, it’s my mission. #bakingmadesimple

We take food safety very seriously!

Rest assured, you're in safe (floury) hands! We are registered with all local authorities, Level 2 Food Safety trained and have thorough food safety systems in place.


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