Scones, Scones, Scones!

What can I say, I love scones!

Whenever out for a cup of coffee or tea, they are my must have accompaniment.

I have found over the years working in the hospitality industry, they are a go to for all occasions. Most recently (pre lockdown), they have been incredibly popular with wedding receptions, clotted cream and jam is a must have on the sweet varieties. 

Over lockdown, I have seen a lot of home baking going on over social media, some amazing and some, let’s say, not so. 

For me, scones have to have a rustic look to them, they have to look home made! The flavour combination is also crucial. No one wants a scone that has the taste and look of cardboard!

The shape of a scone has been pretty much the same for some time, a round shape that is 2-3 inches in height. Why, I do not know. I like to mix things up and create scones of different sizes and shapes, there are no rules to follow, so why not be creative!?

Lately, I have been making my scones square, I find this shape a bit more appealing and a great change from the round shape!

You don’t have to cut your scones into a shape, you can also make a giant scone, something I haven’t done before, but I will most certainly be trying this and sharing the results with you.

Flavour plays a huge role in scones. Choose an ingredient that is too wet, you have mushy scones. Add too many ingredients, you no longer have a scone! Finding that perfect balance is key. 

Our New Hot Cross Scones are the perfect scone! They are jam packed with flavour and also look great with the piping on top!

You can order your simple bake at home kit HERE.

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